The primary purpose of the Staff Council will be to build a collaborative staff community, facilitate professional growth and networking through a partnership with Human Resources, and create a culture of staff advocacy and partnership with the University’s administration that serves to support the formal University mission statement as defined by the Board of Trustees.”


The Staff Council will act as an advisory and consultative body to the Vice President for Human Resources, and upon request, to any university administrator or business unit, on any matter that may affect the issues, policies, and practices that impact or are impacted by staff.


  • To facilitate active and direct communication between staff and the university administration.
  • To serve as a sounding board for the administration regarding proposed actions, programs, policies and procedures that will affect the staff.
  • To provide a forum for hearing and reviewing staff concerns and interests.
  • To recommend staff representation to serve as appointees on University Standing Committees or Human Resources committees.
  • To foster the development of a supportive and collaborative network of colleagues through social and professional development opportunities that promotes the RICE MILE and university mission.


The Rice University Staff Advisory Committee 2.0 (SAC 2.0) was formed in summer of 2019 and was comprised of current and former SAC members, as well as ad hoc working members. The SAC 2.0 task force conducted a thorough self-study and researched peer institutions, to consider whether SAC aligned with their current vision and purpose, “to serve as an ongoing means of communication between the University’s administration and staff, to help Rice’s educational community to be an efficient, fulfilling and attractive environment for employment and to support Rice’s mission and the V2C2.

The SAC 2.0 task force recommended the new name of the Rice University Staff Council, with the logo below, to “Engage, Connect, and Advocate” for all University staff and to implement Fiscal Year 2021.

Staff Council Logo