Past Events

Investiture Remarks on behalf of Rice University staff as part of President Reginald DesRoches’ Investiture Ceremony 10/22/22

Delivered by Korin Brody, Chair of Staff Council 2022-23

It is my distinct honor and sincere pleasure to congratulate Dr. DesRoches on your new position as the 8th president of Rice University.

Our staff is comprised of nearly 3,000 individuals who serve in a wide variety of roles across campus in 8 schools, and nearly 200 institutes, centers, research groups, departments, and programs. Whether we are at Rice to maintain our beautiful grounds, serve meals, provide medical treatment to students, coordinate alumni events, keep our campus safe, or offer academic excellence to the general public, we believe in the mission of Rice University and diligently work to uphold the values that make this great institution what it is.

As a staff, we are fiercely committed to helping advance and achieve the collective goals of our individual work units and the university as a whole. We are the mortar, the pathways, and the cornerstones to facilitate meaningful support in preparing for matriculation, through education, and beyond graduation. There is no upper limit to our dedication in our shared endeavors.

In these noble pursuits, we look to you and your administration to not only maintain the excellence built over more than a century but to expand upon it in the decades ahead. We trust that you will embrace and nurture the extraordinary talents and dedication our staff demonstrates every day. We have faith that you will uphold important initiatives, making noteworthy and novel progress in access, diversity, inclusion, and equity for staff, students, and faculty alike. We look forward to working closely together and know you will work tirelessly to uphold the deepest respect and appreciation for our service, knowing that we, without reservation and with unmatched enthusiasm, will do the same for you.

On behalf of the devoted and capable staff at Rice University, we offer you and your entire family a heartfelt congratulations for your new role in our special community.