Staff Advocacy Committee

The Staff Advocacy Committee will act as a liaison between the general staff community and university leadership with the following goals:

  • Promote the mission of SC across campus as partners in the mission of the university and help create the culture to support the mission
  • Develop awareness across campus of the benefit that both personal and professional development play in realizing the mission of the university
  • Ensure appropriate staff recognition through an annual awards event
  • Increase staff engagement in activities that support the university‚Äôs mission and vision
  • Share observations of campus climate with VP of Human Resources that are gathered through outreach work

Note: this committee will NOT engage in employee relations activities, nor are they a complaint department for the university.


  • Chair - Pia Byrd
  • Janine Berrill
  • Noel Romero
  • Petko Ivanov
  • Aaron Garrett
  • Rochelle Salazar