Hope Grant

Training Specialist, Electronic Research Administration


Hope Grant is the Training Specialist for Electronic Research Administration, and was asked to join the "SAC 2.0" committee in 2019 on an ad-hoc basis to assist with the transformation as Hope had previously served on SAC from 2015-2018. 

Hope was urged to join SAC by a (now-retired) colleague who urged her to be involved with aspects of Rice outside of her daily tasks. Hope's colleague explained how being a member of (then SAC) would help her to understand the history and culture of Rice, and appreciate the community in a different way. Hope feels Staff Council does bring a new perspective to her Rice experience as she gets to learn more about other areas of service, as well as be a servant to the Rice Community. Hope feels the biggest reward is understanding how so many moving pieces work together to fulfil our vision and building a larger network outside of her core department.